Monday, March 29, 2010

The Look of Suits - 1955

Back in the day, most women had at least one good suit in their closet. Spring was the perfect time to buy a new one, as you could wear it for Easter and then continue to use it for years to come. Take a look at these beauties from 1955. Be prepared to drool.

This Zelinka-Matlick suit was featured in an ad for Miron wool, "the best wool you can put on your back". The hat is by Sally Victor and the fur muff by Fredrica.

A Bergdorf Goodman exclusive, this worsted flannel suit came in gray or navy. Sold for $195 in 1955 (about $1577 in today's dollar).

The Cadillac of suit makers, Lilli Ann, offered this one in an unusual blend of silk, mohair, and worsted wool. "Sleeves are pleated for drama...buckles are from Austria, studded with hand-cut turquoise, coral, pale beige, or mauve blue". Sold for $100 in 1955 (about $809 in today's dollar).

Bonwit Teller offered this suit by Monte-Sano in gray tweed or navy Forstmann wool. It has s shorter double-breasted jacket over a fullish skirt. Jacques Tiffeau was the designer at Monte-Sano at this time, so this is one of his suits. Sold for $235 in 1955 (about $1900 in today's dollar).

Oleg Cassini started designing under his own label in the early 1950s. He always did sexy, even in a simple suit. Va voom!

At Couture Allure, we love vintage suits, and always try to have a nice selection available for you. For spring, I love this 1950s tropical weight gray wool suit by Handmacher. It has sweet smiley pockets and the sleeves can be worn cuffed or not.