Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1937 Housewife

I am so glad I am living now and not in my grandmother's time. Granted, I can't imagine my grandfather caring about how his wife cleaned the house, but this ad from 1937 gives a glimpse into the expectations of women at that time.

Can you imagine any woman today telling her fiancé, "It'll be fun keeping our home shining clean"? And can you imagine being married to the jerk that criticizes her housecleaning?

Apparently, because Old Dutch Cleanser doesn't have harsh, scratchy grit, it is a better cleanser. Huh?

I think if he praised me for getting smarter about house cleaning, I'd turn around and punch him in the nose! And I would never buy a product that made me feel like I was a poor wife because my bathtub wasn't sparkling. But maybe that's just me......