Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Vintage Shoes - 1948

You know the ads for the smaller advertisers that you find in the back of magazines? Back in the 40s and early 50s, those ads were found in the middle of the magazines, after the full page ads but before the editorial content. Some of those ads have some great stuff! I know you'll enjoy these ads for shoes from 1948. The range of sizes these companies offered was incredible, and you can definitely see that women's feet were smaller then.

Winkelman Shoe offered this "Leslie" wedge shoe in black, blue, Balenciaga, grey, or white suede, or black, blue, brown, red, and green leather. Sizes 4 to 10, widths AAA to C. $10.95 in 1948 (about $99 in today's dollar). I have no idea what color Balenciaga is, but if you were cool in 1948, you probably did.

Wilbar's in Boston offered these Frenchies wedge shoes in white, green, red, black, and brown, all with gold trim. You could order them by mail in sizes 4 to 9, widths AA to B. $12.95 in 1948 (about $117 in today's dollar).

Mary Lewis offered this "Flirtation" wedge sandal in black or white suede with gold kid bows and wedge. Sizes 3 1/2 to 10, widths AAA to B. $9.95 in 1948 (about $89 in today's dollar).

JeJ Slater offered these wedge shoes in white, blue, or black suede without lacing, or in white suede with 4 bright colored laces, blue or red calf leather, or gold kid leather. And they had the matching bags! $16.95 in 1948 (about $153 in today's dollar).
And, just because I think they're adorable, Buskens "Turkish Ballet" wedge shoes in black, red, green, or white suedine. $3.98 in 1948 (about $36 in today's dollar).