Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Handelsman and Raiffe

Handelsman and Raiffe was another of the high-end coat and suit manufacturers in New York. I can find very little information about this company, but judging by the few ads I've located, they made gorgeous and expensive garments. Harry Raiffe was the designer, and the company's label was Rafi, New York.

Above, front and back views of a Rafi princess coat from 1954. Fashioned of a wool/rabbit hair blend, the coat was available in gray, black, navy, red, and ivory. Sold in 1954 for $135 (about $1,103 in today's dollar).

From 1952, a glorious full skirted Rafi suit in Forstmann wool with a little lace collar. The skirt was lined in Pellon for added body. Sold in 1952 for $130 (about $1,078 in today's dollar).

From 1957, a Rafi apricot silk suit trimmed in lynx fur. Sold in 1957 for $185 (about $1,446 in today's dollar).

From 1958, a Rafi blue wool suit with a dramatic portrait collar. The jacket is lined in the same floral silk that fashions the chemise blouse. Sold in 1958 for $125 (about $953 in today's dollar).

From 1959, a Rafi reversible double-faced wool coat was noted as being light weight and perfect for travel. Sold in 1959 for $110 (about $830 in today's dollar).