Monday, September 13, 2010

Product Review and Giveaway! Vermont Country Store Herbal Shampoo


Last week I posted about my memories of the original Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo from the 70s. It was such a great product but the original is no longer made. I had found a comparable shampoo at Vermont Country Store. They specialize in hard-to-find products and have a wonderful selection from the practical to the quirky.

After that post went live, I was contacted by Vermont Country Store and they sent me several bottles of the shampoo so I could review it and give some away to my readers!

I'm not a person who loves flowery scents. My perfume of choice is K.L., which is a scent that combines amber, cloves, orange, and cinnamon in the most wonderful heady fragrance. K.L. was discontinued long ago, and I hoard the few bottles I have left. My potpourri, sachet, and incense choices always lean toward woodsy, spicy scents like cedar, bergamot, and eucalyptus. That's why I have such fond memories of the original Herbal Essence shampoo.

I've used the Vermont Country Store Herbal Shampoo for several days now, and while it is not exactly like the the original Clairol Herbal Essence, it is as close to any current product on the market that I have found. The scent of the Vermont Country Store shampoo has more of a "soapy" undertone and lacks what I remember as the pine fragrance of the original, but it does have a wonderful herbal and spicy scent that lingers for several hours after I have shampooed. And it's no wonder, as the list of ingredients includes extracts of thyme, marjoram, sage, basil, ginseng, lavender, green tea, ginko, coneflower, and marigold. I love it and I hope you will too!


Vermont Country Store has generously provided five 16 oz. bottles of their Country Herbal Shampoo for me to give away to you, my dear readers. How do you win?

1. Hop on over to Vermont Country Store's website and take a look around. I especially love their Brands From The Past section.
2.. Post a comment telling us about your favorite find (excluding the Herbal Shampoo) from Vermont Country Store here, and you're entered to win!
3. Please include a valid email address in your comment so I can contact you. Comments without a valid email address will be disqualified.

I'll draw 5 winners next Monday, September 20. Good luck!

UPDATE:  Vermont Country Store has discontinued this product.