Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Charm School - The Art of Conversation, Part 3

Welcome to Friday Charm School! Today we continue our look at the Art of Conversation.

Conversation Essential 3: Have Something Interesting to Say

One of the best things you can do in preparation for a party or get-together is to go armed with at least one or two interesting stories, anecdotes, or thoughts about the latest world news. Remember, the best conversations are not mere accidents. Plan in advance to have something interesting to say!

Here are some ideas for topics that will make for great conversations:

- Recent news headlines from your favorite newspaper, online news website, or blog.
- Your favorite book or a recent one you've read, or your favorite author
- Your favorite type of music, a favorite song, or musician
- Sports headlines or sports you participate in
- Places to go and things to do in your city
- Your hobbies or interests

Talking about ideas or experiences that interest you will show in your enthusiasm and tone of voice, and thus will interest others. That's the way to keep the conversational ball rolling!

Avoid falling into the conversational pitfall of trying to talk intelligently about something you don't have an interest in or understanding of. It is much more graceful to admit you are not familiar with a subject than to pretend that you do. No one likes a phony.

Taking a look back at My Fair Lady, here are the amusing consequences that happen when Eliza is introduced to society. She has been taught how to speak, but not what to talk about!