Thursday, October 07, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Lilli Ann?

Really, how can you not love suits and coats from Lilli Ann? The company, owned by Adolph Schuman, was best known for it's dramatic suits and coats, especially those produced in the 1950s. Those same coats and suits still command high prices today, and are highly prized by both collectors and vintage fashion wearers. Here are a few ads for Lilli Ann that I'm sure will convince you:

1954 suit in a fabric called "Bamboo", a blend of silk chiffon, mohair, and worsted wool. The suit came in blue, cognac, fawn, green, and violet and had big rhinestone adornments at the sleeves. Sold in 1954 for $100.00 (about $817.00 in today's dollar).

Also from 1954, this princess coat was fashioned of a blend of wool and Alaskan seal, with velvet accents. Came in black, red, cognac, natural, and purple. Sold in 1954 for $100.00 (about $817.00 in today's dollar).

From 1956, an extravagant swing coat with a huge sweep, fashioned of black and white tweed accented with black velvet. Sold in 1956 for $100.00 (about $808.00 in today's dollar).

From 1958, a beige linen suit with a detachable fox fur stole. Sold in 1958 for $100.00 (about $760.00 in today's dollar).

Finally, from 1959, a wool crepe suit with dramatic ruffle detail and a large jeweled button. Available in pink, pale blue, coral, turquioise, beige, navy, and white. Sold in 1959 for $70.00 (about $529.00 in today's dollar).