Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Ways to Wear a Scarf - 1951

One of the most versatile and dramatic accessories in your wardrobe is a pretty scarf.  Scarves add a pop of color to any outfit.  Fill your closet with high quality basics and dress them up in a myriad of ways with a collection of scarves.  Here are some different and fun ways to wear a scarf from 1951.  Need more?  Blogger Une Femme has put together some fabulous videos showing various techniques for tying scarves.  I find myself referring to these over and over.

Loop an 18" square over your belt and hold it in place with a vintage brooch.

Twist that same small square scarf through a string of pearls and knot at the side.

For a 36" square scarf, pull it through your belt and tuck a corner into the neckline of your dress.  Let the rest of the square hang loose in an apron effect.  This works best with a fabric that has stiffness or body, like taffeta.

For a blouse effect under a suit jacket, take a 36" square scarf, fold it in half diagonally and wrap around your neck with the point to the back of your neck.  Tuck the ends into your belt or skirt waistband.

Take a dress with simple lines and jazz it up with a long rectangular stole draped over your neck and belted.  This works best with a light and floaty scarf.

Use a large rectangular scarf in a bold pattern as a stole with a simple cocktail dress.

Or tie that same stole around your waist looping the ends over each other for a dramatic accent to your skirt.

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