Thursday, June 09, 2011

A 70s Moment

Kasper for Joan Leslie, 1973
Fashion designers are having a 1970s moment and there was lots of inspiration from the decade on the runways for fall.  I also find myself having a 70s moment and these looks excite me right now.  But there's a catch.  A major portion of the clothing that was produced in the 1970s was made from synthetic fabrics: polyester, nylon, orlon and acetate.  Even high end designers used them. 

Left:  Mary Ann Restivo ivory boucle cardigan and skirt, both sythetic.
Right:  Sibley-Coffee white wool jersey cardigan and skirt.

 Left:  Ole Borden for Rembrandt acetate cream blouson jacket worn over a silk print dress.
Right:  Leslie Fay 3 piece outfit: knit cardigan, polka dot blouse, and brown skirt, all in acetate.

 John Anthony silk blouse worn with Quiana nylon jacket and skirt.

Left:  Herald House knit sweater dress with matching cardigan, all in Orlon.
Right:  Clovis Ruffin 3 piece outfit, bolero jacket, t-shirt, and skirt.  Skirt is wool, other pieces are polyester.

See what I mean?  Lots of synthetics.  What about you?  Will you be wearing 70s looks for fall?  All looks shown from Spring, 1973.