Friday, September 16, 2011

Maximilian Broadtail Lamb Fur Coat - 1958

You may have noticed I've been showing fur coats on Fridays for the last couple of weeks.  I'm going to continue this series for a few reasons.  First, these coats are beautiful and even if you don't wear fur, you can appreciate the designs and styles.  Second, when perusing my collection of vintage magazines, they are full of photos and ads for fur coats.  Furs were an important part of fashion and my blog would not be complete without them.  Third, one of the most frequent questions we get on the discussion boards at the VFG is "What type of fur is this?"  The VFG has a fabulous Fur Resource to help identify varieties of fur and I'm hoping to do a similar thing here.  If you type a variety of fur over in the search box, it will bring up posts from the past with photos of actual fur coats and you can use that to help identify your fur.  OK?

From 1958, the coat shown here is by Maximilian and is made of black Hollander-dyed Russian broadtail lamb fur.  The coat is completely lined in natural dark ranch mink.  The bateau collar is also mink.  That's quite a pairing of two fur varieties in one gorgeous coat!