Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revlon's Queen of Diamonds

I've blogged before about Revlon's use of alluring names for it's lipstick and nail polish colors.  In this ad from November of 1954, Revlon introduced it's new color "Queen of Diamonds".  New "real-thing-red" for lips and matching fingertips...a bright-hot, white-hot flame like acres of diamonds flashing with fire!  This is the red that turns every other red pale with shame.

That's Carmen Dell'Orefice at age 23.  Carmen is still working as a model today and is known for her stylish gray hair these days.  In the photo here, she is either wearing a wig or her hair has been colored gray, but it's an interesting portent of how beautiful she would continue to be as she aged.

In order for the red lipstick and nails to stand out, Carmen wears a white satin gown adorned with rhinestones.  And what a gown it is!  It is by designer Zita.  I've never heard of her and can't find any information about her.  If you know anything about Zita, please let me know in the comments.  Look how the curving rows of rhinestones accent Carmen's already tiny waist. 

Of course, you can't advertise a product called "Queen of Diamonds" without real diamonds.  The jewels in the photo are by Harry Winston.

But most of all, I want that fan.  Red feathers with a rhinestone encrusted handle?  Yes, I want it please.