Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Choices, Choices

 Why can't we have choices like this anymore?  In this 2 page ad from 1956, Garland Orlon sweaters were offered in 6 styles.  Each style was made in 9 colors.  That's 54 possibilities to choose from.  There is something for everyone to love here.

Top row left:  "Put it atop your separate skirt, tuck it into your suit skirt - a sweater for all around the clock."
Center:  "The V neck classic that goes nicely over tailored shirts or with the separate collars you like to wear."
Right:  "Casual, flattering and completely versatile for skirts or suits.  Wear with or without your own costume pin."

Bottom row left:  "Pert sweater with collar that buttons as high or as low as you like."
Center:  "A three-way collar cardigan; button it higher, button it lower, leave it as is."
Right:  "The classic sweater set in harmony of line and color.  Match or mix the pullover and cardigan colors."

Which sweater in what colors would you choose?