Thursday, October 20, 2011

What We Were Wearing - Fall 1971

Today, the high fashion trends from 40 years ago this month, Fall 1971.  Polyester was the newest miracle fiber and double knits abound.  Quiana nylon was also being touted as a substitute for silk.  Vinyl instead of leather, faux furs instead of real.  It seems all of fashiondom was in love with synthetics.

Jean-Louis Scherrer
Wide bell-bottom pants were worn by everyone.  Suits had longer jackets.  Crazy prints were very popular.  Coats and jackets often had fur (real or faux) trim.

Guy Laroche
Large scale plaids, often in bright and jarring color combinations were very popular.  Even men got in on this trend.

Get Gaston
Hem lengths were all over the map.  Mini, midi, maxi.  Your choice!

Pierre Cardin
Hippies inspired high fashion with ethnic and folkloric styles.  Remember crocheted granny squares?

The ubiquitous "secretary" dress, usually in wacky prints.  How can you tell the difference between a 70s and an 80s secretary dress?  70s dresses will have fitted shoulders with no shoulder pads and no dropped shoulder lines.  The blouson line of the bodice will be either non-existent or far less floppy.

Paul Bon
Hot pants!
Gil Coutin
Jumpsuits.  Vests worn over jumpsuits, hot pants, and dresses.  Vests were often midi or maxi in length, even when worn over shorter skirts and hot pants.