Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Wear a Vintage Fur Stole

I recently received a question from Erin over at Fashion is Danger asking for advice on how to wear her vintage mink stoles.  Erin wrote, "I have two (yes, two!) vintage mink stoles of the kind with the heads, feet and tails on them....I can't figure out HOW to wear them. Both have little bakelite chains of 3-4 links, ending in a cord-wrapped bead with a snap in it-- it seems like these are used to fasten the collars. They also "bite" each other on the tail, via a clip built into their mouths. Finally, on some of the feet (!) there are cord-wrapped beads with snaps.  In short, there are a whole lotta ways to fasten the little critters, but no matter what I do, it ends up looking weird; I end up with a head or a foot or a tail in a bizarre position."

Erin the best way I can answer this is to just give you pictures to look at.  All those clips and snaps are meant to give you versatility in how you wear your stole.  Don't forget, you can wrap it more than once, you can just drape it over your arm or your shoulder, or you can clip it to your lapel, your belt, a pocket, your handbag or your collar.  Keep experimenting!

Check out the little face on her hat!

Two feet clipped together

This is probably 5 pelts, but they are just draped nicely around the neck.

Clip under the face attached to fur on the other end.

Clipped to her belt then wrapped around the shoulders.

Probably clipped to her collar on the side, then wrapped completely around and allowed to fall.

No need to watch all 14 minutes of this video.  In the first few, you'll see Barbara Stanwyck in "Ladies They Talk About" from 1933.  Take a look at how she has the heads of her stole are clipped to the sleeves of her coat.  Genius!