Thursday, December 01, 2011

Jeweled Eyeglasses - 1955

Let me preface this by saying sorry for the blurriness of these photos.  I've blown them up several times so you can hopefully see the details.  There are many of us who just have to wear eyeglasses.  I say, if you have to you might as well make them noticeable!  These Harlequin brand cat's eye glasses from 1955 all feature jeweled accents.  Aren't they fun?

Above:  Rhinestones accent the corners and then continue all along the temple piece.

 A pink and white jeweled butterfly accents one corner of the eyeglasses.  And why not wear another in your hair?

Rhinestones accent the corners and sprays of leaves and tendrils extend along the temple and into the hair.  Wow!  Definitely a "going to the opera" pair of glasses!