Thursday, March 08, 2012

In the Swim: Vintage Swimsuits, 1955

Swim, swim, swimsuits from 1955!

Rose Marie Reid introduced a line of brightly colored swimsuits in the new Celaperm fabric.  Celaperm was a blend of Celenese acetate and elasticized cotton that was guaranteed not to fade or run.  This made the use of bright color combinations possible, such as in this blue and green tartan plaid.  Sold in 1955 for $18 (about $152 in today's dollar.)

If I found this swimsuit today, I'd guess it was from the 1930s.  But no, these suits by Cabana, which were made in an elasticized wool/angora blend, are from 1955.  They were probably offered at Bonwit Teller for the store's more conservative customers, who preferred the familiar styles of the past.  Sold in 1955 for $22.95 (about $194 in today's dollar.)

Cole of California offered a line of beach fashions influenced by Spain.  This strapless maillot in black Lastex is accented with bright red triangles and black braid.  Olé!  Sold in 1955 for $17.95 (about $152 in today's dollar.)