Thursday, March 01, 2012

My How Things Have Changed

This 1956 full page ad for Macshore Classics appeared on the inside front cover of a high fashion magazine.  I find this ad charming, with the model's scowl and her indignation that her husband has accused her of spending too much money on her blouse.  Here's the ad copy:

"I've never been so insulted!  Just don't worry about my being a 'flighty spendthrift' or ever getting your bank account confused with Mr. Rockefeller's.  I know this exquisite Macshore wash 'n' wear dacron and pima blend blouse looks like 'an outrageous ten or twelve dollars', but actually it only cost $3.98.  And Macshore Classics happens to have a whole wonderful line of these smart luxury-looking sleeveless blouses priced at a mere bagatelle of just $3 and $4."

Can you imagine any company today putting this ad in a magazine, much less on the inside front cover?  By the way, that $3.98 in 1956 is equal to about $33 today.