Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Mad Men Moment

If you watched this week's episode of "Mad Men", you saw Roger and Jane attend a dinner party.  After dinner everyone retired to the living room where they proceeded to "turn on" by taking LSD.  The young blonde woman is wearing a blue dress with beaded decorations on the sleeves.  When I first saw her sitting at the dinner table, the deep blue silk and the peek of the sleeve immediately got my attention.  Could it be?

Then, as the scene continues the dress is shown very clearly as the actress stands to say goodbye to another couple and then as she crawls around on the floor high as a kite saying, "I wish I could die."  And that is my Mad Men Moment, a moment I've been waiting for for 5 seasons of the show.

I have the identical dress for sale on my website!  Well, I did until I posted about it on my Facebook page.  The dress sold last night to a very lucky gal who will have her own "Mad Men" moment when she wears it.  She has promised to send photos when she does wear it and I'll be sure to post them here for you.  But if you'd like to see photos of the details of the decorations on the sleeve and hem, click on into the listing.  This dress is amazing!

I love my job.