Friday, April 13, 2012

Tanner of North Carolina

Tanner of North Carolina is a division of Doncaster and was the name given to the company's clothing sold in retail stores.  Doncaster started business as the Doncaster Collar and Shirt Company in 1931 in Rutherford, NC.  The company was owned by S.B. and Millie Tanner.  In 1935, the Tanner's were presented with the unique opportunity of selling shirtwaist dresses through the Junior League of Charlotte to raise money for their various civic projects.  By the 1950s, the Doncaster line of classic, quality dresses in fine natural fiber fabrics was being sold by in-home wardrobe consultants all across the country. 

1964, Tanner dress made from Liberty of London cotton
About 1954, Doncaster hired Dorothy Cox as the designer.  Cox's name appeared on the label and was used in all advertisements for the Tanner of North Carolina line.  The Tanner of North Carolina label was used for the clothing sold in retail stores, while the Doncaster line continued to be sold by in-home consultants.

Today, the Doncaster company continues to sell their Doncaster and Elana lines of clothing through in-home consultants in all 50 states.  The Tanner name is used for their outlet stores located throughout the southern states.