Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dress and Coat Sets of the 1960s

 The years 1966 and 67 were the height of popularity for these fabulous dress and matching coat sets.

Most consisted of a sleeveless shift dress worn under a coordinating coat.   If both pieces were not made entirely of the same fabric, then the dress usually had a bit of the coat fabric as part of the design.

 Mod patterns, horizontal stripes and plaids were quite popular, but tweeds and solid wools or silks were also used.

 The high neckline or collar of the dress was usually visible under the coat.

 You can even find these sets in metallic fabrics for evening wear.

Right now at Couture Allure, we have three of these 1960s sets available, all in wool and all completely wonderful.  The great thing about these sets is the versatility they offer.  Wear the coat as outerwear over jeans or anything in your closet.  Wear the dress on its own or with a coordinating sweater or jacket.  Or wear the two as a set.  Which one is your favorite?