Thursday, September 06, 2012

Monte Sano and Pruzan Tweed Coat - 1956

They say tweed is a big fashion trend for Fall 2012.  From my point of view, tweed is always in fashion for fall.  Make it vintage tweed and it's even better.  Take for example this gorgeous coat by Monte Sano and Pruzan.  Vincent Monte Sano founded his custom tailoring shop in 1924, but began producing ready-to-wear coats and suits in the 1940s.  Max Pruzan became a partner in the firm during the 1950s.  Jacques Tiffeau was a designer for the company from 1952-58, and it is likely he designed this coat from 1956.

"Perfect perspective on the linear tweed reefer.  A perfect example of fine architecture in coats...good gray French tweed, whittled with great precision, belted slightly higher than usual.  Also in solid black.  By Monte Sano and Pruzan."

Note the big wide collar that floats just so, then look at the pocket flaps that echo the design of the collar.  The flared sleeves are 3/4 length to show off your favorite gloves.  And the belt that sits slightly higher than your waist makes your legs appear miles long.  Perfect perspective indeed.  This coat sold for $265.00 in 1956 (about $2,232.00 in today's dollar.)  Expensive, but with the finest of tailoring, highest quality fabrics and attention to construction and detail?  Worth every penny.