Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Bergdorf Goodman Coat for Spring, 1956

What ever happened to spring weight coats?  Back in the day, women had a wardrobe of coats for fall, winter and spring.  They were different weights, different colors and different fabrics.  This spring coat from 1956 was an exclusive design at Bergdorf Goodman.  Lighter in color and far less bulky than a winter coat, this one is almost an outfit in and of itself.

I've talked before about the wonderful copy writing for Bergdorf's ads.  Their fashion writers were able to evoke a sense of desire for a garment unlike any others.  Here's what this ad says:

Beautiful Wanderer - Coat Exclusive $165
Our blonde beauty in pure wool homespun with the wandering waistline that starts high, ends low, makes a fine figure of the fashionable inhabitant.  '56 new-look, forerunner of one of the prettiest Springs in years.  Also in lipstick red or navy.  Sizes 8 to 14.

By the way, $165 in 1956 is equivalent to $1,393 in today's dollar.