Monday, November 16, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman Ads

Fashion writers have such an enviable talent. They can make a dress desirable with the choice of a few words. Ads for Bergdorf Goodman showcased this talent at its best. While Bergdorf's ads often featured fashion photography, I think their ads with beautifully drawn illustrations spark the imagination in a better way. Can't you just see and feel what these garments are like based on the verbal imagery?

September 1965 - "Fur Doubles the Dash of this new suit shaping, echoing the close-fitting cut of the trim jacket as well as the deep-tobacco color of the crisp gabardine. Under the jacket lies a neatly curved, sleeveless over-blouse and a front-gathered skirt that slopes gently into walking ease. By Marquise in yarn-dyed tobacco brown worsted wool gabardine edged with brown-dyed deep-curling Afghanistan lamb." $395 (about $2717 in today's dollar).

September 1965 - "Wool - Afloat Under Fur...Watch it skimming along the boulevards this Fall with a graceful awareness of figure and a bouyant ripple of hemline. Its special drama: a great, wide fur boa whipped into a dashing bow and flung over the shoulder. The deeply sculptured grey wool from Italy comes with a boa of natural grey Afghanistan lamb; also in navy with black-dyed nutria boa." Dress alone, $275 (about $1892 in today's dollar). Dress with fur boa, $735 (about $5055 in today's dollar).

February 1964 - "The Capelet Costume...full-of-flair and elegant bravado. Watch this shape-in-the-news sweep South and into Spring'64, a beautiful balance of crisply-controlled width and eased slenderness. Adele Simpson flings the breezy little silk-lined cape over a dress of matching rayon Fibranne, its waistline lashed with a sliver of leather. Navy with vivid green lining and belt, sea green with turquoise, gold nugget with black or black with gold nugget." $160 (about $1100 in today's dollar).