Monday, November 16, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman Ads

Fashion writers have such an enviable talent. They can make a dress desirable with the choice of a few words. Ads for Bergdorf Goodman showcased this talent at its best. While Bergdorf's ads often featured fashion photography, I think their ads with beautifully drawn illustrations spark the imagination in a better way. Can't you just see and feel what these garments are like based on the verbal imagery?

September 1965 - "Fur Doubles the Dash of this new suit shaping, echoing the close-fitting cut of the trim jacket as well as the deep-tobacco color of the crisp gabardine. Under the jacket lies a neatly curved, sleeveless over-blouse and a front-gathered skirt that slopes gently into walking ease. By Marquise in yarn-dyed tobacco brown worsted wool gabardine edged with brown-dyed deep-curling Afghanistan lamb." $395 (about $2717 in today's dollar).

September 1965 - "Wool - Afloat Under Fur...Watch it skimming along the boulevards this Fall with a graceful awareness of figure and a bouyant ripple of hemline. Its special drama: a great, wide fur boa whipped into a dashing bow and flung over the shoulder. The deeply sculptured grey wool from Italy comes with a boa of natural grey Afghanistan lamb; also in navy with black-dyed nutria boa." Dress alone, $275 (about $1892 in today's dollar). Dress with fur boa, $735 (about $5055 in today's dollar).

February 1964 - "The Capelet Costume...full-of-flair and elegant bravado. Watch this shape-in-the-news sweep South and into Spring'64, a beautiful balance of crisply-controlled width and eased slenderness. Adele Simpson flings the breezy little silk-lined cape over a dress of matching rayon Fibranne, its waistline lashed with a sliver of leather. Navy with vivid green lining and belt, sea green with turquoise, gold nugget with black or black with gold nugget." $160 (about $1100 in today's dollar).


Deja Pseu said...

Fabulous! (I'm picuring someone like Peggy from Mad Men composing that copy.)

I LOVE the princess seaming on that second dress.

Belle de Ville said...

I would wear all of these outfits today...even the one with the jaunty cape!

fabulous finds said...

love love love...i am always amazed at the archived pics you post...

J. said...

I'm loving these pics! Really classy, yet timeless at the same time.

Vix said...

Having done a fair share of copywriting, there's something comforting in the fact that the words sometimes live on!

Coincidentally, a vintage capelet is on its way to me...though it's fluffy mohair, not sleek silk.

[Frankly "capelet" is such a fabulous word that I think everyone should have one--if nothing else, just so they can toss the word around. Though now we have your entry as an excuse to say it.]

Thanks for the post!

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