Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1950s Dresses - The Swish Without the Pouf

The popularity of 1950s full skirted dresses has been on the wane for the last few months, but I now find that they are coming back in a big way with one significant difference.  Women who wear this style now prefer to wear their full skirted dresses without crinolines.  They want the swish of a full skirt without the fullness of a petticoat. 

For that reason, I will be photographing 1950s dresses both ways for you so you can see how they look when worn with and without that slip.  This 1950s Suzy Perette dress is a great example of how a 50s dress can look great no matter how you choose to wear it.  

Here's another example of how the look changes with a crinoline and without.

What is your preference when wearing 50s dresses?  With or without?