Monday, July 22, 2013

Marcelle Chaumont, Paris Couturier

Couturier Marcel Chaumont, at left, with a suit of her design, late 1940.
We don't often hear of couturier Marcel Chaumont, but her talent is clear in the garments she designed.

Chaumont, 1947

There is not much known about this designer today, save for a few details.  Chaumont was born in the French countryside in 1891.  After WWI, she moved to Paris to work in the world of haute couture.  She was hired by Jeanne Lanvin, who was the assistant principal designer for Madeleine Vionnet at the time.

Chaumont, 1947
By the late 1930s, Chaumont had established her own design house which first shows up on the list of haute couture houses in 1940 at 19 ave. George V.  Unfortunate timing (due to WWII) and health issues meant that Chaumont's business never received the notoriety of others and by the early 1950s, it was closed.  Chaumont died in Paris in 1980.