Friday, September 05, 2008

1950 Fashion Silhouette #3 Tubular

Of course, we would call this "wiggle" today, but the Fall-Winter 1950 issue of Simplicity pattern magazine defines this as a Tubular Silhouette. Doesn't sound all that attractive or complimentary to me. Since, the 1980's, a tube dress is considered one that is made from a circular knit tube that is very stretchy and tiny so it stays on and contours to your curves.

But back to this outfit. The article states the smooth sculptured look of the sheath dress is the most important of all the evening silhouettes for 1950. And the most sexy, I daresay. This is actually two pieces - a satin tank top made from Simplicity pattern 3263, and a super slim velvet skirt made from Simplicity pattern 2937. So, is the skirt really that skinny at the knees? Not according to the back sketch on the pattern envelope. Honey, you know once the fashion stylist gets the model pinned into that skirt, she's not walking anywhere! But it sure makes her hips look super curvy, doesn't it?

That tank top is darted to fit the waist though.

The thing I love best in this photo is those lace gauntlet gloves. They are by Aris, and wouldn't they be perfect for this season's focus on all things lace for evening? Oh la la!