Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall 1975 Fashion

Is it just me, or are these clothes unflattering, and in some cases, just plain ugly? These images are all from the July/August 1975 issue of Vogue Pattern magazine. I've always found Vogue patterns to be fashion forward, so these styles were on trend for 1975. But I just can't get excited about these clothes.

Maybe its because I've already had to deal with not liking these styles once in my life during my 20's. I hated the fashions that were in the stores back then, and always felt unhappy with my wardrobe. But what do you think? Are these styles great, or not so much?


TheLastFlower said...

Wow, some of those really are ugly! Some of them I don't mind so much because it looks like they're trying to emulate the styles of the 20's and 40's, but that weird plaid dress is ugly and that first picture with that blue thing tied around her waist, UGLY!

NorthStar Vintage said...

Have you been watching Swingtown? It takes place during the summer of 1976. It's interesting to see some of those styles "in action." They're actually not so bad!

fuzzylizzie said...

I actually like most of the 1970s retro-inspired looks. I graduated from HS in 1973, so these would have been my college clothes. Getting dressed was certainly easy, with all the "classic" styles. Boring? Yes, comparitively speaking, but there were some seriously cute things, especially for the Seventeen crowd; Betsey Johnson springs to mind.

Sue said...

I'm with you. I'll go with "Not so much.".
These 70's fashions seemed awkward and unflattering then and now. "That 70's Show" is an accurate reminder of how that era's clothes did nothing for beautiful women (or for the rest of us!).

Jasmine said...

love retro vintage clothing:) so interesting:)

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