Monday, September 22, 2008

1964 Galitzine Suit

My, how things have changed in 3 years! Vogue magazine is showing Italian fashion - here a suit by Galitzine. We clearly see a movement towards a more youthful look. The model's pose is more casual, she wears boots, and look at that hair!

"Italian clothes are alive with ideas, with exuberance, and a beautiful sense of adventure. Imagination fires all. Living skirts with gores, godets. Broader shoulders, batwing tops. Important belts. Marvelous young dash." Clothes are becoming looser and more relaxed. Skirts are not as tight as a few seasons previous, and hem are becoming gradually shorter. Armholes and shoulders are not fit so tightly to the body.

There are changes evident in the magazine credits, too. No longer do we see the words "copied" or "adapted". While Italian garments were copied for the American market, no mention of the company who made the copies is given. Credit is given for the accessories, and the hair and make-up stylists.

"The suit, white-beige and all roundness - the collar, slightly broader shoulder, cuffs. The gaiters - a Galitzine idea for most of her suits - of Corfam, piped in white. Suit, in America at Lord & Taylor. Hat by Canessa. From the Elizabeth Arden Rome Salon: the coiffures by Imo; make-up by Pablo."

Galitzine, who is acknowledged as the designer who gave us the palazzo pant, shows a youthful boot, an idea which will become a fashion basic within a few years. And she does it in Corfam imitation leather, a brand new product which had just been invented by DuPont.

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Now, back to that sable trimmed suit I posted on Saturday. Looks 50's or 60's, doesn't it? It's actually a current suit by Italian design house Brioni, from their Fall 2008 collection, but is clearly influenced by a Givenchy coat from 1963. For a better view of the Givenchy coat, take a look at the cover of L'Officiel October 1963 magazine, available from Paper Pursuits.