Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fashion Makeover - 1959 Style

I admit it, I love makeover shows like "What Not to Wear", and I've learned a thing or two from Trinny and Susannah, as well as Stacy and Clinton. It's probably a secret fantasy of most women to have a makeover. Who wouldn't want a team of experts giving advice about fashion, hair, and makeup and teaching us how to make the best of what we have? Here is a makeover from the October 1959 issue of Ladies Home Journal. It involves Karen, shown in the before picture above with "uninspired hairdo, unflattering clothes, a potentially attractive face completely bereft of make-up.

'I'm all thumbs when it comes to fixing myself up. I don't know where to begin or even what to do.' In her touching confusion over how to bring herself out, Karen had stumbled into the familiar beauty trap of becoming so preoccupied with her shortcomings, she overlooked her enviable assets. On her credit side: silky-textured hair, a 22" waist, beautiful legs. But without special attention these pluses went unnoticed.

Each step leading toward Karen's transformation was based on this capsule philosophy: accentuate the positive and work on, but stop worrying about, the negative."

That is still the best advice today. Focus on the good things about yourself, and stop concentrating on the imperfect.

Here is Karen after her makeover. She now wears a dress that emphasizes her tiny waist and adds fullness to her too-slim hips. The belt further emphasizes her waist, which is one of Karen't most enviable features. Karen's "before" hair style was too severe and elongated her already thin face. By adding bangs and volume, the stylist has given her an over-all look of width and softness. Add a touch of foundation and lipstick, and Karen's look is transformed. Karen is holding her eyeglasses in the after shot. Contact lenses were in their infancy at this time, and were very uncomfortable to wear.

What will you wear to accent your positive traits today? I'm wearing pink and purple, colors that complement my skin tone and make me look radiant. How about you?

It's a beautiful morning here in America. The sun is starting to burn through the mist off the ocean outside my window, and all is well. Enjoy your day!