Monday, November 17, 2008

Vintage Tiffany Gold Jewelry from 1959

Lovely aren't they? This ad for Tiffany jewelry comes from the December 1959 issue of Glamour magazine. If you could find any of these pieces today, they would be quite valuable.

From top:
Wild Rose pin 18K $50 ($370 today)
Leaf Bouquet pin 18K $55 ($407 today)
Twisted Rope bracelet 18K $185 ($1371 today)
Double Shell earrings 14K $38 ($282 today)
Feather earrings 14K $32 ($237 today)
Tulip Bouquet pin 18K $37 ($274 today)
Fluted Flower clip-pin 18K $58 ($430 today)

Those today prices are from the CPI calculator, which tells us if we spent $50 in 1959, that same $50 is would equal $370 in 2008. As for what you could buy these pieces for at Tiffany today?

The closest 18K gold bracelet I found was this braid bracelet for $2400. As for earrings, you can get a basic twist knot style for $475. Tiffany doesn't offer any 18K pins similar to those shown here. I guess the price of gold has outpaced inflation!

I won't recommend any sites for vintage Tiffany jewelry, but I will advise you to be very careful and purchase from a reputable dealer, as fakes in the jewelry market are rampant.