Friday, November 14, 2008

Vintage Rain Boots

I had those little red boots on the far left when I was a kid. You pulled them on over your shoes, and there was an elastic loop and button at the top. But why doesn't anyone make nice looking women's rubber overshoes anymore? Like the ones in the center above from U.S. Gaytees?

Or the ones on the left here? Totes brand only makes men's overshoes. Why? And what about overboots? See the fur trimmed pair on the right above, and those by Red Ball below? The heels are hollow so you slip them on over your shoes. Aren't they cute?

Would you buy cute rain overshoes or boots like these if you could find them, instead of the big clunky rainboots available today? Judging by this current EBay auction, the answer is yes!


Deja Pseu said...

I remember those too! I had a pair that were clear-ish and went on over my shoes.

We don't get much rain here, but if I lived/worked in SF or NY I'd definitely buy them!

Sal said...

YES. I desperately wish that such a product existed today ... and wasn't going for a ton of dough on eBay.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

It has been pouring rain here all day. I NEED these boots!

sandy-calderon-dolls said...
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kaytee said...

I have my mother's Gaytees from the 1960s. They are elegant -- made to go over pumps, they are black velvet with real black fur trim. Would you like to see a photo? How may I find a buyer? They are in perfect condition, to go over size 8 1/2 or 9 medium pump or heel. Gaytees size 9 is printed on the bottom of the rubber sole in the arch.

kaytee said...

I wrote yesterday, and here's a short addition: The boots I have are the ones pictured in the ad above -- the second black-and-white ad, the boot on the far right, with the fur trim. Anyone interested in a photo or more info? About size 8, though the mark on the sole says 9.

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