Monday, December 15, 2008

Classic Holiday Gift - Vintage Slippers

I've received many pairs of slippers as a holiday gifts over the years, but they are usually big fluffy ones designed for warmth. Whatever happened to pretty slippers like these? I'd like to wear them with one of those vintage lounge robes I showed recently.

vintage slippers, Nite-AiresDecember 1959 - A variety of styles from Nite-Aires. "You'll be Santa's favorite helper when you give the gift of glamour." $4.00-7.00 ($30.00-52.00 today). Love those plaid taffeta wedges in the center!

vintage slippers, Honey BugsNovember 1959 - "Heavenly stay-at-homes...simply perfect for your private life." Sweet kitten heel boudoir slippers by Honey Bugs. $4.99-5.99 ($37.00-45.00 today)

vintage slippers, BaraneeNovember 1949 - "All Women Have Cold Feet" - I don't know about that, but I sure like these shearling slippers by Baranee. They were available in 14 colors.

vintage slippers, OomphiesNovember 1959 - Oomphies slippers priced from $5.00-6.00 ($37.00-45.00 today). Black velvet with gold embroidery anyone?

Want some vintage slippers of your own? Here are a few available from dealers I know and trust:

These 1960's Daniel Green slippers are available at Lucite Box for $35.

These pink Daniel Green slippers are available from Joules for $42.00

These 1940's or 50's rose satin Daniel Green slippers are available from Mags Rags for $50.00.

These 1950's Oomphies slippers are just $14.99 from The Spectrum. A small size, but such a deal!