Friday, January 16, 2009

1942 - Knitting for Defense

Another article from the WWII years, this time from Ladies Home Journal, January 1942. The Citizens' Committee for the Army and Navy provided patterns and yarn for women to knit items at home that were then given to American Army and Navy and British Royal Air Force servicemen on the front. "Official instructions" for the items shown here were offered by Ladies Home Journal for 3 cents each.

Top row, left to right:
- A basic knit and purl scarf, good for beginning knitters
- An RAF helmet to be worked in official navy blue
- Neck muff for RAF or American airmen

Center row, left to right:
- Toddler sweater and cap for American Red Cross relief packs
- Regulation men's socks
- Knitted gloves

Left to right:
- Turtleneck sweater for British War Relief
- Sweater and watch cap for American sailors
- V-neck Army vest
- Button front vest for boys in the Civilian Conservation Corps

In looking through these magazines from the war years, one really gets a sense that the entire country was involved, even the women and children at home. There is a feeling of patriotism and sacrifice for the war effort that hasn't been equaled since.