Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - 1955 Lilli Ann Suit

We can't have a week of suits without showing a design by the incomparable Lilli Ann. This one is from 1955.


laurakitty said...

Oh my lord, that has to be the most fabulous suit I've ever seen!

Madame XS said...


I purchased this exact suit at a vintage fair last weekend! Just wondering how you know that this is from 1955, as the vendor told me it was 1940's and possible designed by Coco Chanel? Also wondering if iwas pissible to get a copy of this picture without the coutureallure stamp? Appreciate your help!

orange said...

I just sold this suit and thought it was 40s as well. Esp with the sleeves as such. I know Lilli Ann Did this one, loomed in Paris. He went overseas after the war for his fabric. Knew it would of been late 40s. Would never guess 55. Is that for sure, good source?

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Orange and Madame XS, I am the source for this ad. The ad appears in the February 1, 1955 issue of Vogue magazine. I own this magazine and scanned the image myself. 100% positive on the date.

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