Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Staying Stylish in Cold Weather

1960s plaid coatYou've thought about what you're wearing today. You've chosen a flattering outfit, added accessories, picked out just the right shoes and handbag. Then you realize you're running late, grab a coat and go. Does that coat complement your outfit or just cover it? Are you choosing accessories that work with your coat, or does the image you're presenting to the world in cold weather look sloppy and thrown together? They say first impressions are everything. Your outerwear is that first impression.

1940s swagger jacketDoes the length of your coat flatter what you're wearing underneath? Take a second look and make sure the proportions are balanced and pleasing to the eye. If your skirt hem hangs 1-2" below your coat, it can look awkward and give the impression the coat is too small for you. The same can hold true if there is too much space between the hem of your coat and the top of your boots.

1969 long coatAdd a neat scarf at the neckline. Wear a hat if you like. Do your gloves look right? Consider wearing a belt for a change of pace. If you're wearing a dress coat, don't make the mistake of wearing your ski accessories. Those puffy polar fleece mittens just won't work with your wool topper.

1940s orange swing coatAnother way to stand out? How about some color? Who says your coat has to be black, navy, or brown? I love the look of this 1949 orange swing coat mixed with a green scarf and yellow gloves. But if that's too over-the-top for you, solid black or brown accessories would work really well.

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