Friday, January 09, 2009

Ski Wear from 1959

We're supposed to get more snow this weekend in Boston, which means lots of people will head up to the slopes in New Hampshire and Vermont. Here's a look at some ski wear from 1959.

Above: A bright knit Swedish sweater by P&M over wool/nylon stretch ski pants. A knitted cowl hood keeps the neck and ears warm.

Here a white lambskin jacket to wear off the slopes by Georges Kaplan. Worn with White Stag wool/nylon stretch ski pants and red suede booties.

On the left, a pigeon blue nylon parka by Ernst Engel is belted over wool/nylon stretch ski pants. The parka's hood can convert to a collar or a muffler too. On the right, beige nylon reverses to bright orange wool on this quilted parka. Worn over tangerine stretch pants by White Stag.

Whatever your weekend plans, have fun!


Sal said...

Ski fashion makes me wish I wasn't too chicken to ski.

Deja Pseu said...

Ooh, I wish they still made those cowl hoods to cover both the neck and head! So stylish!

Ski clothes in general are far less chic these days, IMO. But probably warmer...

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Gorgeous and classic! x

fuzzylizzie said...

I really love late 50s/early 60s skiwear; it's so Audrey Hepburn. I have one of those great hooded sweaters in my own collection.

Feathers said...

I just dug a pair of White Stag ski pants out of storage. They are probably early 60's. Stirrups, made in Austria, side bummer that I cant get into them anymore. Sigh, I guess they are off to craigslist. :-(

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