Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1957 Vintage Swimsuits - Tina Leser, Givenchy, and Polly Hornburg

Gorgeous swimwear from 1957:

tina leser, swimsuit, 1957Tina Leser was one of the premier American sportswear designers in the 1940's and 50's. Here she fashions a skirted halter swimsuit entirely in yellow cotton pleats. Each pleat is edged with white loop braid. This suit sold for $35.00 (about $272.00 in today's dollar) at Bonwit Teller, Julius Garfinkle, and Bullock's-Wilshire. In my opinion, it's worth every penny.

hubert de givenchy, Jantzen, swimsuit, 1957I had no idea Hubert de Givenchy designed swimwear. This black skirted suit is his design for Jantzen. Made of acetate and nylon woven with Lastex, the suit sold for $25.00 (about $194.00 in today's dollar). The turban is by Adolfo.

My favorite of today's suits, this Catalina maillot is designed to emulate the styling of blue jeans. Navy blue orlon with Lastex is topstitched with contrasting thread and rivets decorate the front. Sold for $20.00 (about $155.00 in today's dollar).

polly hornburg, skin diving suit, 1957
Polly Hornburg was a native Bermudian who designed play clothes and swimwear for her 6 Calypso stores in Bermuda and Jamaica, as well as for stores all over the US. She was also known for designing one piece suits for skin-diving. Long sleeved and long legged, this elasticized cotton knit would keep you warmer in deeper waters. The high neckline dips to a deep V in the back, which I figure makes this suit more sexy than practical, but I'm not a diver, so what do I know? Sold for $30.00 (about $233.00 in today's dollar).