Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Gifts - Loungewear 1949

Loungewear always makes a lovely gift. How different are these lovely options from 1949 than the velour crap robes we can buy today! So much more glamorous and alluring, don't you think?

Jay-Nee jacquard tunic top with crepe back satin pants for informal evenings at home or Sunday loafing! About $116 in today's dollar.

Grayson Robinson Stores offered this quilted rayon brunch coat in several color combinations. $54 in today's dollar.

LampLighter Oriental style lounging pajamas in acetate crepe. $54 in today's dollar.

Campus Girl striped cotton flannel coachman style lounging coat with matching pants and scuff slippers. $36 in today's dollar.

Louisa Alcott polka dot rayon crepe housecoat. $54 in today's dollar.


Gladys said...

I want the Louisa Alcott house dress. I love that!

Deja Pseu said...

I love those Mandarin pajamas.

Two years ago when I was preparing for my hip surgery and recovery, I was searching high and low for a nice bed jacket. Never did find one.

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