Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vintage Brassieres - 1948

And you thought our obsession with uplift and maximum curve was a modern one?

Lovable Brassiere Co. ran a series of ads featuring the Lovable Girl of the Month. Here, their strapless bra is worn under a Margot strapless dress. The bra is boned for support, and they promise "You'll be lovely too, in a Lovable bra."

Exquisite Form patented the V shaped wire that separated the cups on their bras to be worn with low cut garments. They call it "Hi-Low Witchery".

Starlight bras and girdles will make you feel "heavenly" with their patented inner control, whatever that is. This one features circle stitching on the undercup.

I don't care about my bra making me feel lovely, witchy, or heavenly. I just want it to be comfortable!


puddin said...

At what age do we consider comfort over "stylish" or "bewitching"???

Mandi said...

lol. I'm pretty sure none of those was comfortable!

Patricia said...

I’ve never come across a Starlight bra or girdle before that I can recall –familiar style of bra though. I love the old ads, especially descriptive ones.
“…glorify your figure.” LOL

lori said...

I have a friend who has never been fitted for a bra. She thinks all bras are miserable. I keep telling her she's gotta go in for a real fit and buy something with actual elastic in it on the sides on the straps. She doesn't believe me.

A good bra is tough to find.

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