Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vintage Fur Coats - 1979

It's been pretty frigid here in Boston this week. I've been adding layers to my wardrobe to stay warm rather than turn up the (very expensive) heat. Perhaps I should just wear one of these beauties while I work. These fur coats all appeared in an I. Magnin catalog from 1979. Interestingly, I. Magnin would send a salesperson to your home or office if you wanted to try on any of these coats in private. I should think so at these prices.

Left: For him, natural fisher fur jacket. $11,500 (about $34,267 in today's dollar).
Center: For her, natural fisher fur coat $22,000 (about $65,555 in today's dollar).
Right: Natural ranch mink fur coat $8,995 (about $26,803 in today's dollar).

Left: Yves St. Laurent feathered blush-dyed blue fox edged in mink fur that is dyed to match. $3,200 (about $9,535 in today's dollar).
Right: One-of-a-kind Russian white natural lynx fur coat. I. Magnin bought the fur at the Leningrad fur auction and made this coat. $50,000 (about $149,000 in today's dollar).

Left: For him, dyed rust ribbed beaver jacket. $3,500 (about $10,430 in today's dollar).
Center top: Red natural cross fox fur coat. $17,500 (about $52,146 in today's dollar).
Center bottom: White dyed Snow-Top mink jacket. $2,995 (about $8,924 in today's dollar).
Right: Natural white curly lamb fur bomber jacket with knit collar and cuffs and leather buttons. $1,495 (about $4,455 in today's dollar).

I WANT this to wear around the house. Natural white mink fur sweatshirt worked in an intricate croquet pattern. Zip front with elastic at the sleeve cuffs and bottom edge. $3,995 (about $11,904 in today's dollar).


Belle de Ville said...

Yeah, prices for fur were incredibly high back then. I got my first fur, a lynx jacket, at I. Magnin's competitor Bullocks Wilshire, in the early 1980s. I think that my husband paid something over $4,000 for it then. What was I thinking? I looked like furry bear in the silly thing...except when I added a fur hat and wore it in ski resorts.
I still have the jacket....and it still makes me look like a bear.

RonGav said...

Belle, may you look like a bear ( as I do in my raccoon coat, but I wouldn't trade the warmth and coziness for anything.

Fur prices (specially at I. Magnin) were definitely goofy. But a smart shopper -- doing a little research on the actual cost of making a fur coat (and I don't mean a cheap Chinese rip-off) can find very fair prices. And don't forget the value of a slightly used coat on eBay or other sites. I have done so on many occasions and am very happy with them.

Belle de Ville said...

Let's just say that my little lynx jacket was the first of may furs to come. Today I have a closet full of them. Some of them bought retail and some bought vintage. I adore them all...but would never pay full retail again.
My latest is a shearling coat that I bought last month a fur trunk show in New York. (Yeah, that's what happens when I stay in a hotel that is having a fur trunk show and it is freezine outside!)
At any rate I just saw the exact same coat in the Goresuch catalogue for twice the price, so I'm happy about my impulse buy!
Now I want a sheared mink coat, a brown shearling hat and a nice mink stole...are there any vintage ones out there?

Guillermo said...

Hi, my great grandmother who was 105 years old pass away a month ago. She used to buy at i magnin a lot. And she left fur coats and hats. There are some that are in new condition. I dont know what kind of fur. Can u help me? I live in san francisco. By the way she also have other like new condition stuff as well as capodimonte lamps and valentino furnitures. Everything is on Sale.

Diana said...

Hi! I just bought a 1950's I Magnin cream colored Mink shoal. It's fabulous!!! It looks like a cropped cape. I have been doing some research and can't find anything like it to see what the round about value would be. Do you think you can help me?

Anonymous said...

I have know idea who I Magnin was but here in Texas your fur's came from Sakowitz..I love mine even if you only get to wear them a couple of times a year. I inherited fur ear rings that my mother owed to match her fur but they are clip on's from the late 50's. I am terrified to wear them for fear of losing them. Just thought I would share..By the way Belle that was my Mother's name..I love it..Lila Rae

Human Film said...

Hi I have a 1979 that was custom made for my Auntie by the Queens fur designers. I even have the original receipt £2500 I would like to sell it. Any ideas how much I should sell for?

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