Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Under the Mistletoe - 1954

Uh oh. Looks like somebody got caught kissing the wrong girl in the wrong place under the mistletoe. Bet he gets the cold shoulder the rest of the evening! Who have you kissed under the mistletoe lately?

Shown are two dresses by Patricia Fair from 1954. Both were available in white, champagne, powder blue, mauve, or turquoise faille. Pretty, pretty.

We've got almost the identical dress shown on the right for sale at Couture Allure, but ours is by Suzy Perette. More pretty, pretty.


Glamoursurf said...

How cool is that! Looks like the same dress to me, I guess designers are always copying others work.

Jaynie Van Roe said...

I just gave you an award at my blog :)

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