Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chiffon for Evening - 1963

It's 1963, and silk chiffon is just the thing for evening wear. Silk chiffon is such a romantic fabric. Lighter-than-air, it floats and drifts in subtle waves as you move, catching the eye in an alluring manner.

Frank Starr offered this evening gown in pale tints of coral, blue, or mint green silk chiffon. Sold in 1963 for $160 (about $1122 in today's dollar).

A Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive, this ensemble consisted of a silk shantung shell and jacket over layers of silk chiffon in the skirt. Sold for $225 in 1963 (about $1577 in today's dollar).

We've got drifts of silk chiffon available at Couture Allure. Yards upon yards of green silk chiffon make up this gorgeous evening gown from the early 1960s.

This 1960s evening gown is fashioned of silk chiffon in blue and white. We've attributed this dress to Sarmi.


Belle de Ville said...

These are yummy. I adore long dresses, they hide a multitude of sins and make us all more elegant.

Last night on Turner Classic Movies I watched the film 'Designing Woman' with Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck. Bacall played a NY fashion designer and wore the most wonderful costumes. In one scene where she is entertaining her chi-chi friends and he is entertaining his poker buddies she wears the most wonderful at home ensemble, an over the top white organza blouse, and a long skirt. (I always watch old films to see how the jewelry was worn)
It makes me sad that our society has become so casual that dressing up for at home entertainment is a thing of the past.

FairyFiligree said...

I love silk! By the way - I received the vintage magazines giveaway in the post today & can't wait to have some free time to read through them. thanks so much!

nancy said...

Oh, I love the Saks ensemble. That is exactly what I'd like to wear.

Maria said...

i just wanted to say, i came across your blog because i'm doing research on 60s fashion, hair and make up, cos i'm going to a mad men party. and your blog is the best i've come across, it's the most well researched, with great pictures and tips! i'm a new fan. thanks! : )

Vinda Sonata said...

very interesting reviews. i like seeing 60s dress. they're just so classy and elegant. thanks for featuring those sketches, too. i really like what i see when i opened your blog. i'd come back to see more features from you!

lori said...


One of my friends had that complaint. He's started having Julia Childs' parties where everyone has to make a dish from a Julia Childs' cookbook and dress up for dinner. They're all having a blast doing it. The husbands started off fussing but their wives are having so much fun dressing up that they've stopped complaining. Plus the food is exquisite.

maureenog said...

I can't believe that until this moment I have taken those lovely chiffon dresses for granted! They are beautiful, and you really don't see them anymore...
I'm not old enough to have worn them in the sixties but I remember them being VERY big at the time.
Great, fun blog! Thank you for sharing!

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