Monday, February 15, 2010

The Look of Suits - 1962

It's 1962, and women's suits look very different from just a few years earlier. Jackets are shorter and boxier. Skirts are also shorter and slim-cut, often with a few tiny gathers over the hips. Many suits consist of a dress with matching jacket. But they're all elegant and supremely lady-like.

Maurice Rentner suit in red, white, and navy. The wool suit comes with a white cotton pique blouse decorated with the same ribbon that edges the jacket. Hat by Emme.

Frank Gallant wool tweed in a mix of black, brown, and white belted and buttoned in leather. Sold for $190 in 1962 (about $1350 in today's dollar). Hat by Mr. John.

Branell linen and wool blend tweed in pale beige with black silk binding and buttons. Sold for $185 in 1962 (about $1314 in today's dollar). Hat by Mr. John.

Travilla white wool boucle flecked with orange suit with an orange silk chiffon blouse. Hat by Sally Victor. Jewelry by Cadoro.

Marquise diagonal worsted wool in sandy beige with a buff-color silk blouse. Straw breton hat by Mr. John. Sold for $215 in 1962 (about $1527 in today's dollar). Hat by Mr. John.


Roxy Te Owens said...

If I had to wear a suit to work everyday, it would be that first one. So chic!

Jenifir said...

My Mum had a pale blue boucle suit with three-quarter sleeves at about this time and she still talks about the long black gloves and silver bracelet she wore with it. I have the bracelet which is cuff style with 'Lucy Locket' scroll designs on it and she sent me long, chocolate brown, silk-lined gloves for Christmas. Neither of us have the original suit now but I have a pale blue dress/suit that I wear regulrily. Love the elegant suits you showed. (My hat redux is posted-remember the original was too small for all but a child and found crushed and sad at the thrift store.)

lori said...

Oh, what I would give to see that orange and white suit in color. Must be fabulous.

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Love them all, especially the last one!!

Gladys said...

Those are beautiful. My mother had a pink crepe suit she wore with a black silk blouse and black pumps and a black pill box hat. I always thought she looked like my Barbie when she wore that.

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