Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going Braless - 1973

One would think by looking at an issue of Vogue from 1973, that we women let it all hang out. I can remember going without a bra when wearing a darker colored shirt or sweater that didn't allow things to show through, but I never wore my blouses unbuttoned to the waist. And I didn't go braless when wearing t-shirts or other garments made from thinner fabrics. While these photos are titillating, they don't represent the everyday woman of the time, but that is often true of images in Vogue.

St. Laurent Rive Gauche pink silk crepe de chine blouse, unbuttoned and untied. Sold for $135 in 1973 (about $693 in today's dollar).

St. Laurent Rive Gauche black silk jersey blouse, unbuttoned, and skirt. Set sold for $355 in 1973 (about $1822 in today's dollar).

Missoni rayon knit blouse, unbuttoned, with elastic waist was available in white or navy.

Black poly/rayon crepe tunic, unbuttoned, and wide leg pant pyjama by Leonard Fashion. Set sold for $300 in 1973 (about $1540 in today's dollar).

Blassport black wool gabardine one-button suit worn with nothing underneath. Sold for $200 in 1973 (about $1027 in today's dollar).


Jenifir said...

Your title really made me laugh and think this morning. I too had my time in the mid-eighties when I was much younger and perkier of going braless in select garments. To look good, fashions need the correct under-pinnings whether that be under-garments or a well-toned figure. We could all do well to consider what is underneath the clothes people see. If we can go braless and the garment still looks good great but the rest of us should take care.

Deja Pseu said...

Since the age of 12, I've never gone braless during waking hours except once by accident in high school. And I walked around all day with my books in front of my chest!

Sheila said...

I remember when this was the trend (although I was pretty young) - I can't ever imagine "braless" being in fashion nowadays, unless it's one of those crazy red-carpet get-ups (where there is some sort of other support going on, either through tape or the garment having its own support built in).

I haven't gone braless since before I got boobs!

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