Friday, December 03, 2010

It's All in the Details

Oftentimes, we can look at an ad or a picture from a vintage magazine too quickly, thinking the look is dated or no longer relevant. Today, let's slow down and look at some details. All of these ads are from 1954. When you open your eyes for inspiration, there are some great ideas to be found.

This ad is for Worumbo Vicuna fabric used in a coat by Max Milstein.

Did you notice the orange leather handbag and yellow gloves? Bright colors offset a basic camel colored coat to perfection. And a colorful scarf peeks out of the pocket. Then, did you notice how the handles of the purse are molded to be flat at the top, so the bag is comfortable to carry on the arm? Genius!

Here's an ad for a mink wrap coat by Leslie Morris, Bergdorf Goodman's custom designer.

Did you notice that incredible hat? The model's hair is worn tight to the head, and a cap of pheasant feathers is tilted to the side. So sophisticated!

This ad is for Jantzen bras.

Did you notice the stacked pearls on her arm? There are either several multi-strand bracelets worn one atop the other, or several strands of pearls wrapped around and around the arm to form a wide cuff. Fabulous!

Here's a photo of a simple black matte jersey dress and jacket by Larry Aldrich. The 3/4 jacket sleeves are lengthened with black gloves.

Did you notice how the plain black is set off with a zebra-striped bag? Fun!

This ad is for a Maximilian mink coat.

Did you notice her haircut? The hair is parted low on one side and swept over the top of her head with little wisps touching the forehead. Love!