Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Paris, Day 2

I have so many of you asking for pictures of Paris, so here you go! Today it was cold and snowy here, but most of the major museums are closed on Tuesday. I knew the D'Orsay would be crowded, so instead we walked the streets of Montmartre. It's so beautiful here!

See the windmill at the top of the hill? It's one of only 2 original windmills that remain in Paris.

But now for the good stuff. Here's a vintage Leonard of Paris dress in a very expensive shop window.

And I found this vintage/thrift store today right near where we're staying. I'll be sure to check it out before we leave.

A peek in the door of Caverne a Fripes Vintage.

I'll try to post more for you tomorrow! Au revoir from Paris!