Friday, December 17, 2010

Window Shopping on Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V, Paris

Let's continue our window shopping stroll down the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, shall we? Click on the pictures for a larger view!

Roberto Cavalli window

Escada window

Nina Ricci window

Valentino window

Around the corner we go to Avenue George V, where Balenciaga's original couture house is located. The store is very understated and has no fancy window displays.

And there is just one of each garment on the rack.

Across the street is Yves St. Laurent, but it appears that this location is closed. The only Yves St. Laurent stores listed in Paris now are on Rue de Fauborg St. Honore and at Place St. Sulpice.

Our shopping tour ended there, but we continued our walk up to the Champs Elysees, which has turned into a shopping street that caters to tourists. There I saw the relatively new and huge Louis Vuitton flagship store. By the way, the only people who carry Louis Vuitton bags in Paris are tourists. Parisian women wouldn't be caught dead carrying anything with a logo.