Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Costume Contest Entries #2

Here are more entries in our Halloween Costume Contest!  Want to win a $50 Couture Allure gift certificate?  Send me your photos!  Photos must be received by tomorrow, November 2.

7.  Sarah of That Damn Green Dress as Rapunzel.  She is wearing a 1960s velvet mini dress with lace trimmed leggings.  Sarah made the 20 foot long wig herself out of wool yarn.

8.  Holly of Lucite Box was inspired by her fez collection to become a zombie.  She is wearing a 40s men's tuxedo jacket, a 40s tie and a vintage fez.

9.  Sylvain as Dracula wearing a 1950s tuxedo and bow tie.

10.  Liz channeling a flapper.  She is wearing her grandmother's fur jacket from the 50s with a 1960s drop waisted mini dress.

11.  Stephanie as a 1940s film noir starlet.

12.  Jen Thompson of Festive Attyre as a hippie.  She is wearing a maxi skirt that her mother wore to an Elvis concert in the 70s and a crocheted shawl made by her mother-in-law in the 70s.

Keep those entries coming!