Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Party Dresses - 1954

As the holiday party season approaches, have you given thought to what you'll wear to all those special events?  Please tell me you're not considering jeans when you can dress up your surroundings in vintage!  Today's looks are from 1954.

Bergdorf Goodman dress in silk lamé.  The lamé was offered in silvery pink or blue, but you could also have the dress made in silk satin in gold, blue or pink.  No black!  Sold for $135 in 1954 (about $1,136 in today's dollar.)

Filcol strapless crystal pleated silk organdy dress worn with a white velveteen coat embroidered in blue and silver.  Set sold for $200 in 1954 (about $1,683 in today's dollar.)

Harvey Berin pale pink satin strapless ballgown.  Sold for $180 in 1954 (about $1,515 in today's dollar.)

Adele Simpson dress in brown lace layered over cafe-au-lait lining.  Satin bands encircle the neckline and tie at the shoulders.  Sold for $265 in 1954 (about $2,231 in today's dollar.)

Hannah Troy black Chantilly lace dress with bands of satin and tiers of netting.  Sold for $175 in 1954 (about $1,473 in today's dollar.)

What are you wearing to your holiday parties this year?


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE these. That first one is so stunning and I love the chocolate lace one. I will be wearing a teal wool suit made up from a vintage early 1960s pattern and fairly vintage wool I got for just $5 at an estate, along with a Couture Allure scarf (if only I had some gloves!) to my office Christmas party, which will be held at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Can't wait! I finished the jacket last night, so now I just have the skirt to make (which will be a breeze) and the matching belt. The buttons are also matching fabric covered buttons and it has bound buttonholes. I'm very proud of it!

thatdamngreendress said...

Oh, these are splendid- I especially love the dramatic shape of the first piece. However I'm always torn at these times, since I'd love to wear something so glamorous but look at those waistlines! I would have to completely abstain from all the glorious festive snacking. I usually try and find an in-between, of pieces that perhaps aren't so delicate or confining but still out of the everyday!

verobirdie said...

Oh my god. I would love to wear one of these beauties. They are gorgeous.
My xmas dress has a little 50's look, with a full skirt.

Lillgull said...

The first one is totally stunning but it gives no room for eating I would imagine.I Read Anne Fogartys "Wife Dressing" A couple of years ago and it is one of her advice to carefully think about the occasion when choosing appropriate apparel. I can see and hear the back hem cracking when I lean down to pick up a Christmas present from under the tree... Ooops... And as eating is one of the main attractions at my family-get-togethers in the holidays a long table full of deliciousness.. So no wiggle dresses for me unless I want to feel like a pregnant hippo, hehe..

I absolutely love the brown lace dress and fur muffler combination! Brown is an underestimated colour!

As of now I'm undescided what to wear but something vintage of course! I'm leaning towards a 50's spectacular full plaid taffeta skirt that I can combine with different tops. Practical and fun! How can you go wrong with taffeta? Sssswish swish swish...

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