Thursday, November 17, 2011

Silver Shines for Evening - 1966

Silver was the choice for evening wear in 1966.  Not gold, not copper, not bronze, but silver, silver everywhere.  Accessories were silver too: shoes, evening bags, stockings and jewelry.  Makeup glinted with silver in lipsticks and eye shadows.  Shimmering, shiny silver was everywhere.

Anne Fogarty

Lynn Stuart mylar blend jeans and shirt with Golo booties.

Norman Norell

Galanos caftan with beaded sleeve cuffs

Teal Traina silver ribbons on sheer organza

Pat Sandler
Joan Arkin
Would you wear any of these looks today?  Which would you choose?


Miss Rayne said...

Hard to choose, I think the Teal Traina but maybe also Pat Sandler, oh well its fantasy-land so BOTH

Victoria said...

I loved the cool slick style of the 60s, I was skinny with long wavy blonde hair, always tanned, lived in southern Calif. and everything looked really good on me :)

Sallie said...

Definitely the Norman Norell. Definitely!

Erin said...

I think the only one I could stomach would be the Pat Sandler. Everything else is a little too Jetsons for me. :)

MrJeffery said...

these are amazing! love the first one.

Sheila said...

I'd wear the last two, and the 2nd one (the menswear look). Those are all amazing, though.

My mom had silver shoes, probably from 1966! I remember them in her closet well into the 80s (and she probably has them around somewhere).

Louise said...

I'd wear the Joan Arkin but the Teal Traina is amazing.

LaTan Clemore Fashion Shows said...

I would wear Norman Norell. It's so sleek and well put together. Thanks for sharing these beautiful looks!

elfine said...

Bonjour, ma préférence va pour Balenciaga mais je les aime toutes. Bon weekend

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